The ties that bind: Sylvia Watt

The Ties That Bind.

The make up of the body

The structure of cells.

Cross sections of bones and veins,

Pathways that cross

It goes on & on..

I could work with this for the rest of my life

But would I want to …


Sylvia Watt has been an artist all her life, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts from East Sydney Technical College in 1982. She has exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions, has been artist-in-residence with Flying Arts Queensland and in Hamilton Arts Post, New Zealand. For the past ten years she has been the arts program coordinator at a private hospital in Brisbane.


Sylvia has worked extensively with textiles for more than twenty years, as a maker and teacher.

The ties that bind: Sylvia Watt


17 Oct 2013 - 10 Nov 2013


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