Creek Drawing by Judy Hooworth

We provide an opportunity to explore and showcase the beauty, wonder and collectability of all forms of fibre art.

Bring fibre artists together


Connect with makers and curators


Share techniques, revelling in the process


Build communities using fibre art


Timeless Textiles Gallery

Timeless Textiles has a growing reputation as a key national centre for fibre arts and artisans.

Based in the beautiful Hunter region of New South Wales, Timeless Textiles has strong national and international links, and facilitates creative exchanges within Australia and around the world.

Through the Timeless Textiles gallery, our shop, workshop programs and projects, we nurture the creative development of artists and artisans, building audiences and promoting the collectability of fibre arts.

Cathy Jack Copeland

Cathy Jack Copeland

Timeless Textiles Gallery

Timeless Textiles Gallery is the only commercial gallery in Australia dedicated exclusively to fibre art and artisans.

Our gallery program explores and presents the possibilities of all forms of fibre art.

Each year, the gallery hosts four local, four national and four international exhibitions.

Our engaging program of exhibitions and events includes artist talks and networking opportunities with artisans, curators, collectors and collaborators.

The Gallery Shop

The gallery shop sells an exquisite selection of original works by Australian and international textile and fibre artisans. Each artwork has been hand made using eco-friendly and mostly recycled products and fibres.


Our workshops provide a unique opportunity to learn directly from leading fibre practitioners from all over the world.

We run workshops for everyone, from the absolute beginner to the accomplished artisan. You can learn new techniques, gain insight into the creative process and connect with others.

Workshops can be short half-day sessions, multi-day introductory sessions or masterclasses.

The Wednesday makers group is a free weekly workshop where you can be creative and have fun. It is open to the general community.

Timeless Textiles projects

We coordinate fibre arts projects that encourage creative collaboration and strengthen community.

Building communities around International Women’s day has occurred every year since opening in 2011.

Nicola Henley

Cathy Jack Copeland

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