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Wednesday Makers Group

Wednesday Makers Group

We love building communities around us…sharing skills of creating, supporting our community, and making work for great causes.

Each year the Wednesday maker’s group gather at Timeless Textiles Gallery to sew, stitch, knit, yarn and have a cuppa and create unique quirky themed items. All welcome 10.30 am – 12.30pm each Wednesday. It’s free and fun – most materials are provided.

The Wednesday Makers group is a group of community -minded stitchers who like coming together each week at Timeless Textiles Gallery and enjoy working collaboratively.  The composition of the group changes with the nature of the project, usually based on community arts events to celebrate International Women’s Day each March. The group has built from the successes of the “Letting Go” and “Flying Free” projects as well as the celebrated  “Stitched Up” project,  seven volumes of hand stitched art, incorporating embroidery, applique, quilting, dyeing, mark making and printing for the “Stitched Up” exhibition, 2017.

Current Community Project

Faces and Places

2023 project announced: Faces and Places

The Wednesday Makers Group @ Timeless Textiles Gallery is renowned for engaging creative projects which support our community. 

This year, the Wednesday group completed the Postcard Portraits which were exhibited in “Travelled”, supporting UK artist Anne Kelly and is currently knitting and crocheting for the yarn bombing event, “Wrapping The Wetlands”. Following these successes and the last year’s major project, “Circles of Strength”, we are inspired to start our new project, Faces and Places.

Do you have a “face or place” which you would like remembered and interpreted in stitch?

This could be a person – a family member, a friend, a celebrity, a pet or a favourite place, – a childhood home or somewhere else special to you. We are offering you the opportunity to have a unique and a meaningful textile artwork created for you by one of our talented people in the Wednesday group for $50, which will be donated to support court advocacy in the Hunter area for those who are experiencing domestic violence.

Past Community Projects


Community Circles of Strength – Phase 1

Community Circles of Strength is a series of filmed interviews with a range of people living, working and visiting in the Newcastle East postcode area.  They will be asked one important question – “What have you learnt about yourself during Covid19?”    

This will give you a good idea about the comments we are collecting, which will be the basis for the second phase.

Circles of Strength 2021 – Phase 2

As women/ artists/stitchers/craftswomen  we continually celebrate, acknowledge and honour what it means to be strengthened in our own circles.

Our challenge will be to follow up the interviews and interpret the video responses in an artistic way.  We hope these will be seen as symbols of strength, togetherness and resilience and express the empowerment of being women in our times.

All are welcome to be part of this delightful project.

Preferably, the interpreted response will include some fibre and be worked using a fibre art technique to be enclosed in an embroidery hoop of any size.  Each participant will have access to a copy of an interview (the interviewee’s identity will not be disclosed), and an embroidery hoop.

This project will run until end of February 2021, so that all art work is received for installation on March 8th 2021.

Materials will also be provided at the Wednesday group or if you are based outside Newcastle or overseas we can email you the interview.

Circles of Strength is not a fundraiser, but the work will be displayed publicly as an outdoor installation on International Women’s Day 2021.

You are invited to join this exciting project. This invitation is extended to all, anyone who feels he/she would like to contribute to Circles of Strength 2020 and create an artistic contemporaneous record of the history of our times.

Please contact Wilma Simmons (0407579253) for more details 

2020 – Fearless Flowers

The group had been busily enjoying beautiful flowers and welcomed new people to the group each week, renewing old and developing new friendships. What is so wonderful about this group is there are no attendance obligations, no experience expectations and lots of support, care and fun. 

The most important aspect of Fearless Flowers is that the group is committed to supporting and raising funds for ovarian cancer research and in particular the #PinkMeetsTeal campaign seeking government funding fairness for ovarian cancer.  Congratulations to Jill Emberson and her team on the very successful launch on 8 May and thank you for including Fearless Flowers in the launch. 

Donations supporting #PinkMeetsTeal  – ovarian cancer research at the Hunter Medical Research Institute are now being accepted through the Timeless Textiles website and in return the Wednesday group will present you with a gift from the Fearless Flowers garden. 

    2019 – Out of the Wood

    The project, “Out of the Wood” began in April 2018. Participants in this project were invited to come any Wednesday to Timeless Textiles to create an art work based on a piece of repurposed wood. The art works created were donated to local programs supporting homeless women, particularly those living in their cars including “Our Backyard”


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