Genie Out of a Bottle, Wendy Scott

Wendy Scott

Artist Statement

Colour is my signature as I have always been drawn to use pure hues which are found in nature’s jewels, tropical flowers, fish and birds. My background in traditional sewing and quilting instilled the values of quality craftsmanship and once I had mastered the techniques breaking all the rules turned out to be so much fun.

Textile Art is a lifetime passion for me inherited from generations of creative women. It gives me the freedom to create in vivid colours using many different forms, from intricately pieced quilts, vibrant fantasy pieces to fabric journals and even cloth dolls.

Inspiration comes to me from many sources. Often a whole design appears as a finished image in my mind and I will quickly sketch it before I  start. There are always many more sketches than finished artworks however the most compelling ideas get priority. Other work springs from necessity, competition or challenges and I simply start with a coloured fabric and let it guide me. People, travels to experience ancient cultures, the natural environment and intense emotions can all produce that spark to create. I am able to completely immerse myself in the creative process till time seems to disappear and mundane things like meals and sleep are forgotten.

The materials I use vary greatly though fabric is always the foundation. I decorate fabric by dyeing, painting, screen printing, rubbing, foiling, appliqué, digital printing etc then layer sheer fabrics, fibres, yarns, lace. whatever feels good. Finally, pieces may be embellished with free motion quilting, thread drawing, hand embroidery and beading. I am constantly researching new technology, textile materials and techniques to incorporate in my work. I feel a piece is complete when it hangs on the wall or adorns a bed and makes me feel an inner glow of achievement that I can’t wait to share with others.

One of the best things about my work is the opportunity to share the many experiences and skills I have gained over time with new generations of potential textile artists. There is always time to encourage others to discover their creative talents and helping students fulfil that potential has been a life goal for me.

Creating art with textiles is a wonderful experience as it has the added tactile dimensions that encourage the viewer to reach out and touch, becoming physically as well as emotionally involvedwith this unique art form.


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