“Embosom” (Margy Alexander)

By Sylvia Watt

Linen & wool – Ecco dyed.hand dyed, sachiko stitch.

130 x 90 cm 

Why Margy Alexander?

“We give ourselves in all seriousness to horticulture, and embosom the chatet in flowers, of which we are passionately fond.” (Letters of Two Brides, by Honore de Balzac). I chose Margy for this project because she encapsulates the essence of a working artist. Exploring, always looking, and pushing through the barriers. All this carrying grief and trauma. 

About the Artist 

At the heart of Sylvia’s work is an exploration of organic form. Her main medium is fibers: she has been a felt-maker for twenty years, and loves the surprise of it, the surface texture, the response of materials, clarity and integrity of materials that remain what they are, that maintain their individual identity, unlike paint. The approach of her work isn’t end-driven. It’s more about the process than the product, and more about the medium than the image. 


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