Novacastrain in Stitch:Tanya Matas

Novacastrain in Stitch:Tanya Matas

Novocastrians in stitch.

Novocastrians in stitch,an exhibition by fibre artist Tanya Matas, brings together image and stitches with moving results.

A collection of rudimentary images, captured along the iconic coastline between Newcastle Harbour and Merewether Baths, is the starting point for the works in Novocastrians in stitch. The artist then transforms them into fibre art drawings, using a minimalistic method, before replicating them with simple and modest calico and thread. The art works have been sewn on a machine using hand-directed, free-flowing straight machine stitch.

Novocastrians in stitch weaves the threads of the people of Newcastle within their environment and contemporary everyday lives, revealing to the viewer a sense of self and local identity.

“Each piece reflects qualities that reveal, but at the same time inconspicuously conceal, the intriguing characteristics of the Novocastrian,” Tanya said. “To some viewers the essence of Newcastle’s people appears to be subtle, while to others it may be more obvious, promoting a more meaningful and intimate connection with the works.”


19 Jan 2017 - 12 Feb 2017


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