Mark making: Margaret Adams

Mark making: Margaret Adams

Margaret Making her Mark in new exhibition.

Local artist Margaret Adams has drawn on a life-long exploration of mark-making for a stunning new exhibition of small textile works opening at Newcastle’s Timeless Textiles Gallery in April.

Margaret displays her acute eye for line and form in the remarkable small works skilfully prepared for Mark Making, which will be her first solo exhibition.

She has been immersed in the world of art for most of her life.

“I’ve always been drawn to patterns, joining-up lines and mark-making,” Margaret explains. “As a young child this was expressed in my own patch of garden.”

Over many years, she has explored drawing and illustrating on canvases, stones (lithographs and sculptures) and, more recently, linens and other textiles. Kevin Lincoln’s approach to minimal abstracts has inspired her.

Margaret finds embroidery a very mediative process, calming and spontaneous.

“My work is reflective of embroidery and stitching done through the ages, usually done when the day’s work is done,” she said.

She has demonstrated her fine ability in creating the Mark Making works, which feature her illustrations stitched and painted into canvas. The small stitched drawings reflect the bold influences of abstract patterns, tonal colours and simple clear lines.

Mark Making will open April 16thand run until May 3, 2015.


16 Apr 2015 - 03 May 2015


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