Hinke (Hinke Schreuders)

By Chris Clifton

Embroidery on paper on linen and felt

23 x 15.5 cm

Why Hinke Schreuders?

The simple but intricate works of Dutch artist, Hinke Schreuders have captivated my attention for a number of years. I am drawn to her use of embroidery to both highlight and subvert her view of the world. In this portrait, I have been influenced by both Hinke’s trademark style of embellishing vintage fashion magazine pages, and the colourful tulip fields of her home. I have combined Hinke’s use of embroidery on paper along with techniques from my own arts practice of etching, aquatint and collage to pay homage to my favourite contemporary fibre artist.

About the Artist

Chris Clifton is a British-Australian printmaker, photographer and emerging fibre artist who lives and works on Awabakal land. He is currently balancing being a stay-at-home dad, a masters student and an emerging artist. Chris likes to combine a range of print and non- print mediums in order to create works that explore the complex human-nature relationships, critical theories and the illusive ‘boundaries’ we like to create between ourselves, others, our history and the environment. 


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