Janice (Janice Lessman-Moss)

By Melissa Campbell

Cotton yarns, painted with ink and dye, woven using a double weave structure. 

50 x 50 cm

Why Janice Lessman- Moss?

Janice is a person I immediately associate with fibre art. Locally she is easily recognizable as she always dresses in black which she accents with pops of red. She is an avid walker and I often spot her hiking through the neighbourhoods in all weather. When I told her about the invitation to participate in this exhibit she agreed to pose for the portrait, which is an example of her generosity with a fellow textile artist and the support she provides for past students. The area of Pennsylvania where she is originally from, is beautiful, mountainous and wooded and I see a lot of the colours of the regions in her work. Her weavings are a composition of poetic association with its roots in nature, cultural experiences, the process of making and the networks of motifs inherent in weaving. This portrait of her is composed to capture her features and celebrate deep connection she has to weaving.

About the Artist

Melissa is an American fibre artist, with a focus on painting and weaving. Her work is exhibited internationally, including at the Royal Albert Museum and Tramway Gallery in the UK, Seoul South Korea, Como Italy, Museum of Texas Tech University, the New Bedford Art Museum and the Hedge Gallery.

Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science from U.C. Davis and a Master in Fine Arts from Kent State University. She has had a career as a textile and fashion designer prior to starting a family and later as an assistant professor at Kent State University. Melissa now works full time in her NE Ohio studio.


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