Self-portrait (string art), 2020

By Brett Alexander

Wood, pins, synthetic thread – string art

45 x 45 x 4 cm

Why ‘String Art’

This work utilises a ‘string art’ technique. I used a fine a synthetic thread to maintain an even tension during the humid summer months. The tonal areas of my face were built up from layers and layers of threads. The lighter areas are where the thread density is less, while the darker areas are where hundreds of threads create much darker areas, in some parts nearly black. 

About the Artist 

Brett has been working in textiles for many years and concurrently teaching. He has been fortunate to have travelled the world exhibiting his work, researching textile materials and techniques, teaching and participating in workshops. Brett decided to use himself as the subject as he hasn’t used his own image in his work for ages. Brett wanted to experiment with how a self-portrait would translate using different textile techniques.  


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