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Me, Myself and I: Kelcie, Mackenzie and Keziah Bryant- Duguid

Me, Myself and I: Kelcie, Mackenzie and Keziah Bryant- Duguid

Me, myself and I.

Me, myself and I is a fibre art  exhibition featuring work by Kelcie Bryant-Duguid and her daughters Keziah and Mckenzie Duguid.

Having exhibited together for a number of years in larger group exhibitions, this is the artistic family’s first solo exhibition together. It explores identity.

“It has been said that the most important relationship one has, is with oneself,” Kelcie said. “As daughters, siblings and family we have a shared system of values, beliefs, experiences and relationships, and many stories to tell.”

The works featured in Me, myself and Idraw upon the artists’ personal narratives as they explore self, identity, relationships and coming of age. Sometimes reflective and inward-facing, exploring the emotions and struggles of life and adapting to change, they are also outward-facing and capture the perspective and experiences of each artist, in their own world, through their own eyes. While each artist uses their own preferred materials and styles, and explores identity from their different viewpoints, they share much in common.

“We are all women, daughters, nieces, grand-daughters, sisters and friends and have been influenced by the stories and relationships of the women and men in our families, as well as the role models in our lives,” Kelcie said. “We have all faced our own personal challenges.”

They may have a shared family tree, but are also unique and individual, and bring these qualities to their work and the stories they tell. Witness the remarkable results in the Me, myself and Iexhibition, which incorporates and explores stitch, mixed-media collage elements, printmaking and encaustic through the use of fibre, paper and cloth.


19 Jan 2017 - 12 Mar 2017


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