Fragments: Susan Hotchkis (UK)

Fragments: Susan Hotchkis (UK)

UK artist’s first solo show in Australia comes to Newcastle.


Thought-provoking British textile artist Susan Hotchkis will hold her first solo show in Australia at Newcastle’s Timeless Textiles Gallery in November and December. The vivid and visceral works in Fragments are informed by Susan’s recent travels to Cuba, Scilly, Boston, New York and within the UK.

The stunning, lightweight works are saturated with colour and stitch.  Dense layering of surfaces and textures both obscure and reveal in these abstract pieces. Surfaces are transformed into three-dimensional forms.

“Through experimentation and creation with screen printing and embroidery, I investigate surface, texture, materials and structure” she says. “This work continues my focus on the unseen and overlooked, on surfaces that are breaking down as a result of erosion and human use and how nature reclaims the artificial.”

“The resulting artworks combine recognisable imagery with the abstract. Textures, marks and colours are exaggerated to reveal their detail and complexity.  Their origins become blurred as they form a new visual landscape.”

Don’t miss Fragments, which runs from 16 November to 13 December with the opening event from 6-8pm on Thursday 17 November.


17 Nov 2016 - 11 Dec 2016


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