Gina Mastio

Artist Statement

I am a French Australian textiles artist/ clothing designer with a passion for the environment and a strong ecological conscience. Using natural fibres and natural dyes, I create breathtaking, unique, high quality pieces that are respectful to the environment, biodegradable when finally laid to rest on or within the earth, yet shall be worn and adored for many years to come. These are definitely not one season wonders. My pieces are often inspired by the layers of tree bark of the many varieties of eucalyptus, or the layers of life found on the ground during a bush walk: layers of fabrics and fibres, prints and dyes intertwining to create something very special. You become a part of this, allowing nature to surround and embrace you in these layers of clothing designed to compliment each other… making you a true living sculpture in this breathing fragile world which needs our help, not our indulgent pollution.


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