Never Ending Detail, Cathy Jack Coupland

Cathy Jack Coupland

Artist Statement

Colourist and artist, Cathy Jack Coupland paints her world in stitch.  Love of country, Australian poetry, art and colour are inspirations Cathy uses in her work.  With her ‘threaded brush’, Cathy endows her work with texture and substance colouring her designs with bold dimensions.  Combining these inspirations produces stand-alone, original works full of exuberance.

Cathy has honed the technique of thread painting over a number of years to produce an exceptional body of work.  Her work has evolved from traditional pieced quilts to fully machine stitched works, covering the entire surface with shimmering, joyous colour combinations.

Cathy is an exhibiting artist whose work has been acquired by private collections as well as The Embroiderers’ Guild of NSW.  Work of this calibre stands tall in the world of textile art.

Cathy is an Accredited Tutor with the Embroiderers Guild of NSW, Accredited Tutor and Valuer with the Quilters Guild of NSW, has judged at the RAS Royal Easter Show Sydney and the Sydney Quilt Show.  Cathy completed the Proficiency Certificate with the Embroiderers Guild of NSW with Distinction and has attended numerous master-classes with well known quilters and embroiderers.


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