Elucidation, Bronwyn Greive

Bronwyn Greive

Artist Statement

Since an early age art-making for me has been both play (tactile, sensory, a full-body experience) and work (physical, mental), and there has never been a time I didn’t like to create although I have not always made it a top priority or pursued any formal art training. Yet in recent years I came to realise it is also deep work of the soul because I pour myself into my creations. So, while I believe art plays an important part in our human existence; ranging from things of aesthetic value through to a role in our human conscience; there is also something personally satisfying about manipulating different medium, pursuing an idea and creating something that takes on a life of its own.

Over the last 10 years I have moved from predominantly creating wearable pieces to a broader array of works and am greatly encouraged by artists who work successfully using a variety of medium. Yet, fibres and textiles continue calling most strongly to me, so I have a studio with plenty of supplies, providing constant encouragement and inspiration. I also love to find ways to re-use materials and found objects so they begin a new second- life

While art of the 70’s (my early- formative- creative years) was largely abstractive I love to work at least partly realistically, whatever the piece is: sculpture, something to hang, wearable art or furnishings. Referencing nature and using natural fibres are themes in my work, relating to how I see the world (nature being ‘The greatest work of Art by The Great Creator’). This has led me to pursue a degree in Natural History and Illustration at The University Newcastle, which is enabling me to be stretched, learn from others, hone my skills and observations, as well as increasing my respect for and knowledge of the natural world. My ideas come from the inspiration of nature, social issues, learning from other artists, events which happen around me or somewhere deep inside which I cannot name, playing and responding to these stimuli in a physical expression.

While I want my art to be a sensory, interesting, playful, and hopefully an intelligent contribution, encouraging discussion on all sorts of issues, I still want it to somehow connect personally with people. For the art work to be enjoyed, to stir their imagination, to draw them to a new place – either because of being: hand crafted, beautiful, thought provoking or all three and to find a place to exist in someone’s life and world outside of a gallery.

For me a personal life or a world without art is bereft, as creating and enjoying creations dips me in joy and takes my breath away.


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