The Lady of the Polka Dots (Yayoi Kusama)

By Katharina Krenkel

Cotton yarn, stuffed with recycled fibers, wooden frame and back wall.

4.5  x 22 cm

Why Yayoi Kusama?

I have chosen Yayoi Kusama as a figure because I also see dots when I close my eyes. Maybe the millions of crochet stitches I made in my life as an artist are similar to dots and the atomic structure of the world and the universe. My art piece will look like an pillow island, filled with the dotted “sausages“ of the early period of Kusama’s work. 

About the Artist 

Katharina is a sculptor, using the technique of crocheting as an additive process. For almost 30 years, she has created soft sculptures. This in contrast to painters or other sculptors with more traditional materials such as stone, wood, metal or clay. Katharina is looking closer to the history of handcrafts than to the history of arts. She works with this gap and this irritation. Many of her art pieces resort to classic handcraft subjects such as blankets, pillows, tablecloth etc. 


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