Margaret Adams

By Wilma Simmons

Repurposed fabrics and thread. 36cm wooden hoop. 

Why Margaret Adams?

Margaret Adams has drawn on her extensive skills in painting and sculpture to become a textile and mixed media artist in the last ten years. Margaret specialises in creating thoughtful artistic fabric and paper collages and artist books. Margaret is a friend and has been a great influence on my own work.  This collaged and stitched portrait is made using fragments of repurposed fabric in monotone colours to reference the understated approach Margaret prefers. I wanted to portray her quiet reflective personality and her gentle love of nature.   Hand embroidered eyes are a feature to emphasise Margaret’s blue eyes, which in real life sparkle with liveliness and creativity. 

About the artist 

Wilma is a mixed media and textile artist because what she does makes her happy and ‘reminds me that I have a soul.’  Wilma likes working with a mix of materials, especially those which are naturally found and recycled.    During the last 15 years, she has learnt and developed textile art skills which have helped her to express and share the love of her natural surroundings and her commitment to social justice and history.  Wilma’s art celebrates diversity in the natural and human world, using a harmonious mixture of techniques, materials and ideas. She would like to think of her artworks as “handmade treasures”, inspired by special people, political and cultural issues and a sense of place and heritage. Through her art, Wilma tries to support and encourage others to find their creative voice.  


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