Liz Williamson: Waste 4: thrums

Worsted wool and wire weft; linen warp- Handwoven – In weaving, thrums are the ends of warp threads left on the loom after the handwoven cloth has been cut off; thrums are often scrappy, short, knotted and twisted. Recently I’ve sorted thrums from wool double cloth scarves woven in my studio during the 1990’s and stored for decades waiting for an idea for re-use. Most are brightly coloured worsted wool yarns specially dyed (chemical dyes) for weaving wraps and scarves. In 2020 I began a series titled Waste, weaving and repurposing excess, redundant and obsolete studio materials. On the loom the threads are woven into a two-dimensional structure; off loom they are shaped into an object, with the character of the transformed material determining the objects shape. Waste 4: thrums is the latest in this series. Base: 14cm wide x 15cm deep.Top (fringe): 20cm wide x 20 cm deep x 14cm high


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