Bronwyn Greive: Spotted Pardalote V

Mixed media: paint, embroidery threads, calico. Hand painted with free machine stitching – All across Australia we have the most amazing birdlife & habitats. Some are quite unique & all are precious. I have training in Natural History Illustration buoyed by my love of art & nature, so I love to showcase the natural world in my artwork. While I work in many media, my core medium is textiles. Often, as in ‘Paradlotus punctatus V’, the work is minimalistic, with the subject centre stage, as if under the spotlight, hoping to draw people to their beauty & distinctive characteristics. However, with the rise of computerised sewing programmes, I also want to show that these are done with free-machining. Virtually drawing with the thread on top of the hand painted lower layer. I’ve left threads hanging out at the end of a row to show they are handmade & a fine fit with this exhibitions’ theme. 20 x 20 cms


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