Marie Bergstedt: Keep An Eye on Zach

Cotton cloth and threads, acrylic batting, acrylic paint. Hand embroidery and stitching – I have identified memories of more than 60 people to be named in an installation, “Hands Up”. Five of these have continued their support for several years, both to me and to hundreds of others. I am keeping my eye on the work of Zach. For more than 50 years he has been active as a gallerist, activist, and community leader in San Francisco, California, USA. While plowing the way for artists, architects and front runners in environmental concerns, he stands behind others. Still pursuing his own career in his 80s, he makes a way and time for others to succeed. Only reluctantly, he agreed to stand out in my thanking project. “Keep An Eye On Zach” is just a portion of the portrait I am creating to honor Zach. He doesn’t seek recognition, but he certainly deserves it. Hands up to Zach! 20cm x 20cm


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