Sachiko Kotaka: “A Folding Fascination”

Merino wool, Kimono silk, Kimono silk lining, silk thread, metallic thread, polyester thread, bead. Nuno-felting, Origami, Sashiko/running stitching, invisible stitching – My work is inspired by an origami quilt design made by Tomoko Fuse – merging and bonding of the two major threads of my practice and passions, Origami and Felt. A Folding Fascination is symbolic of my dual identity in that it mirrors the merging, twisting and bonding of the threads of my Australian and Japanese lives.  It is as if the thread or story growing inside me has become manifest. The hundreds of stitches serving to compress, shape and decorate this “fusion” are my seal and my signature. 8cm x 15cm x 15cm


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