Women Being: Pearl Red Moon

Pearl Red Moon’s life’s trajectory has always been about art and being a practicing Artist.

There has never been a time where she has not been an Artist. This exhibition, Women Being, provides a glimpse into her unique wearables and some of exquisite 3d sculptures, each piece is designed and stitched by Moon from her studio tucked away in rural NSW.

All are one off pieces of contemporary art intwined with Moons personal ethics of up-cycled and recycling textiles from a previous life. Moon’s wearable art designed pieces speak to all women of all ages shapes and size.

Moon’s call is draped in wonderment: shapes of adornment which have been hand-crafted using multiple methods, most taking many hours and weeks. These processes involve a combination of practices using ancient techniques such as patchwork (Europe), boro stitching (Japan, China and Korea) and kantha stitch from India.

Moon builds layers upon layers resulting in a range of exquisite wearable garments bursting with colour, life and originality.

Visiting her work studio you receive an eclectic glimpse into decades of treasures accumulated, these include mounds of fabrics of all descriptions, handmade stencils, found objects, paints, inks and much more. Moon creates with no rules, her years of pattern-making and experimenting results in her spontaneous pattern designing with colour combinations to delight.

Moon’s art and her art practice sits firmly in the 21 century ethical contemporary art philosophy

Moon says of her art: one of my foremost concerns as an artist is that the art I make arises from sustainable and ethical principles.

Each piece has been lovingly made, with devoted energy and innovation

Women Being exhibition opens Thursday 30th May 2024 and runs until 7 July 2024.


29 May 2024 - 07 Jul 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm