Rainbow Journey: Wendy Scott

Rainbow Journey: Wendy Scott

Wendy Scott ‘Rainbow Journey’ exhibition opens.

This exhibition” Rainbow Journey” features a collection of Wendy Scott’s work spanning over the last 6 years. From a background of traditional quilting, Wendy’s work has evolved rapidly into Art Quilts. In the beginning most of her creations were large scale and 2 dimensional using many different piecing techniques. More recently, Wendy’s work has become smaller scale with 3-dimensional aspects and with many layers of design. Throughout this process, the constant has always been her use of pure hues often arranged across the natural spectrum. Wendy’s love of bright colours has stemmed from a love of tropical flowers and fish. These themes often inspire the creation of a piece.

‘Experimenting with colour produces some exciting results and for this exhibition, I have produced works in all the colors of the spectrum using many different textile art techniques’ states Wendy.

The original fabrics have been produced by dyeing, painting, stencilling, wrapping, stamping, digital printing and heat distorting different fabrics. Decorative adornments made from silk paper, angelina and manipulating surfaces have been introduced.

This show will be opened by Debbie Scott, Wendy’s sister who was also Wendy’s Head Teacher for several years and is now Head of Welfare Maitland High.The opening is from 6-8pm on Thursday, 17 Novemberand will run until 7 December 2011.


17 Nov 2011 - 11 Dec 2011


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