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Perspective(s) Glenese Keavney, Flora Friedmann & Ollie Cool

Perspective(s) Glenese Keavney, Flora Friedmann & Ollie Cool

What determines our views on life? How can art effectively convey our unique perspectives? Three artists help to answer these questions in Perspective(s), a new collaborative exhibition opening at Newcastle’s Timeless Textiles Gallery in March.

Ollie Cool, Flora Friedmann and Glenese Keavney feature their diverse artistic styles and outlooks in Perspective(s). The exhibition explores how mental, cultural, emotional and historical points of view develop, resulting in both deeply personal convictions and those held on global issues.

Personal beliefs can incorporate the views of others and be influenced by the information we absorb. Each of the exhibiting artists brings a unique technique and approach to the Perspective(s) exhibition.

Flora Friedmann uses basketry to create pieces evoking the concept of ‘Perspective’. She sets out to demonstrate that our ‘viewing point’ affects our point of view.

“My pieces aim to show how outside forces and personal biases and circumstances can influence our perspectives,” she explains. “Some of my pieces are traditional shapes whilst others, although using traditional weaves and fibres, are unexpectedly not baskets but more sculptural.”

Glenese Keavney also used traditional basketry techniques to create her work – twining, coiling, looping and assemblage, as well as learning a new method – knotted netting.

 “I began this project to reflect on my life journey,” Glenese said. “How have I travelled, what have I collected and carry, and to what extent am I now closed or open to change?”

Glenese embraced random weaving as she delved deeper to question her ability to embrace new perspectives. Her search to attain a new inner attitude is reflected in her work.

Ollie Cool’s perspective and her work are inspired by the ocean. As she lives by it and breathes it, she muses on what we can do to renew and conserve it.

“It’s easy to say we need to stop overfishing and polluting, but truly exploring different perspectives means we need to accept that different people have different beliefs, cultures, motivations and knowledge,” she says. “I embrace a nurturing and romantic perspective on the environment, believing that nature is most beautiful in its purest state.”

Ollie uses her work in Perspective(s) to celebrate the beauty of our ocean and its creatures. Predominantly photography based, she incorporates ocean ‘textiles’ including shark leather, fishbones and scales. She hopes her work inspires viewers to embrace greater stewardship of the ocean.

Perspective(s) runs from Wednesday 11 March until April 5th. Opening Night is Thursday 12 March 6-8pm.


09 Mar 2020 - 30 Apr 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm