Exuberant Reflection Lois Parish-Evans

Natures Exuberance by Lois Parish-Evans

Natures Exuberance by Lois Parish-Evans

‘Exuberance’:  the quality of being full of energy…luxuriance
‘Luxuriance’:  rich abundance, lushness…

Busy lives mean we often filter out much of the natural environment around us, it becomes ordinary and seemingly unremarkable.  We live in an extraordinary world if we take the time to stop, and experience it we can feel a greater sense of connection and appreciation toward the world we live in.

We are reminded of the importance of this by Australian Social Researcher Hugh Mackay in his book “What makes Us Tick?” where he discusses one of our basic human desires being connected to nature.   ‘Natures Exuberance’ exhibition is a minute example of one artist taking the time to see the lush growth, the exuberance, the vibrancy, the luxuriance as well as the colour, pattern, line and structure in nature; in the street, in the reserve, in the bush, in the landscape and in the ocean.

Lois’ art work is about reducing the subject matter to its most simple and beautiful form before expanding it out again, sometimes using artistic licence to playfully add her own creative flair in re-imagining the subject. In her work an example of a leaf or petal design is enriched using colour, pattern, line and structure as she seeks to portray the exuberance, the vitality, the energy, richness and luxuriance of what she sees.

Exhibition runs 13 Sept – 8 Oct 2017 with the opening on Thursday 14 Sept 6-8pm


13 Sep 2017 - 08 Oct 2017


All Day