Detail of  Lois Parish-Evans piece

Lois Parish-Evans

Artist Statement

Born in Papua New Guinea to NZ parents, Australia has been my home for the past three decades. My earliest creative moments are of learning to sew under my mother’s tuition as she taught the local PNG women to sew, and of the beautifully woven ‘walls’, the biliums (string bags), grass skirts and carvings. Sewing and art became my passions in adolescence and merged together in tertiary studies in Textiles/Fibre Art. Decades later I am still passionate about creativity, textiles and fibre art.

My artwork is inspired by the elements of design that I see in nature. the colours,shapes, lines, textures, and patterns I translate into a drawing – often highly stylized-which becomes the basis for a thread painting, an art quilt or hand made lace. 

Central to my image making is the sewing machine and my ability to draw or paint with the sewing machine using thread and fabric. these thread paintings, quilts and lace scarves/shawls are ‘free machined, meaning that they are hand manipulated not digitally produced on a computerised machine.

The lace is made using solvy- a dissolvable fabric and I use good quality machine embroidery threads, interesting yarns, fabrics and hand made felt.


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