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Musing by Margaret Adams

Musing by Margaret Adams

Artist’s ‘Musings’ create intimate exhibition

Local artist Margaret Adams has created a highly-evocative series of small works that reflect her personal memories over 30 years, in her second exhibition for Newcastle’s Timeless Textiles Gallery, opening this month.

The tiny, complex works she has created for the ‘Musings’ exhibition use materials that reflect significant and meaningful events in her life.

“I have collected memorabilia – maps and tickets from my past meanderings as a 20-year old hitching around Europe, letters home, as well as documents from my father’s collection of receipts and papers,” Margaret says.

While the items themselves are relatively commonplace, it is Margaret’s placement of one element against another that elevates the works into complex constructions.

Her training as a sculptor, and the influence of Japanese ascetics, shine through in the simple, yet thoughtful and mindful composition in her works.

“I’m interested in words and have read and written most of my life,” Margaret said. “My interest – in forming words, in the shapes and lines made when I am writing them – seems weighted in the age of computers.”

Margaret displays her acute eye for line and form in the remarkable small works skilfully prepared for second exhibition at Timeless Textiles Gallery

Musings will run from 16 August to 10 Sept, with an opening by Wilma Simmons on Thursday 17 August.


16 Aug 2017 - 10 Sep 2017


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