Indelible Narratives: Gina Ermer & Kristin Vournelis

Indelible Narratives: Gina Ermer & Kristin Vournelis

Gina Ermer and Kristin Vournelis.

Gina Ermer and Kristin Vournelis have had a long association and a bond created by their shared passion for textiles and the unique message they are able to convey. Both share a belief in the enduring power of design and colour to communicate ideas and emotions.

While both Artists approach their work from different angles they both embrace the ideas of sustainability and endurance, both physically and emotionally – believing in the serendipity of process and its ability to create something unique and special.

Their work shares a common aesthetic, Gina’s textiles adding to the narrative of Kristin’s designs and visa a versa to create a fuller, more complete whole.

For fifteen years they both have been looking for an opportunity to explore their shared vision and create a platform on which to display their work. This exhibition is the product of this long rumination.

Indelible Narratives will be opened from 6-8pm on Thursday18 April and will run until 12 May 2013


18 Apr 2013 - 12 May 2013


All Day