Elucidation Bronwyn Grieve

Elucidation Bronwyn Grieve

New exhibition brings challenging concepts to light.

Local fibre artist Bronwyn Greive’s return to Timeless Textiles Gallery sees her mount a thought-provoking show, Elucidation, that sheds light on two different but equally fascinating concepts.

Opening in August, Elucidation explores two subjects – one esoteric, the other in the physical world – that have captivated this accomplished artist. Elucidation is defined as ‘to make something clear, to throw light on, to explain…..’, which is what Bronwyn seeks to do with her responses to the two subjects behind her artworks.

She has used a toolbox of textiles techniques to bring into the light two stories encountered on an inspiring journey and to make clear the ideas and concepts behind them.

The first, contained in one room of Timeless Textiles Gallery, relates to a custom the artist discovered in Nagaland, in far north-eastern India.

“A person of wealth can choose to hold a festival – the Feast of Merit – where all are invited to share in their wealth”, she explains. “The feast lasts until everything of value has been shared, after which the person is given a golden cloak, as a symbol of the respect and gratitude of the community.”

The exhibition takes us from the golden cloak that symbolises selflessness and commitment to community, to a second room in the Gallery that houses “Rainforest re-view”, a textile sculptural work.

The Elucidation presented by the artist in this large three-panel work is into the habitat of the sub-tropical rainforest. Bronwyn reveals the forest’s fascinating history, its lushness and the danger it faces in the modern world. Her statement about its vulnerability is cunningly revealed in the work in the pages of a slightly-open book.

Elucidation  opens 6-8pm on 18 August and is on show at Timeless Textiles Gallery from 17 August- 11 September.


17 Aug 2016 - 11 Sep 2016


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