Echoes: Organic forms in felt Pam Hovel

Echoes: Organic forms in felt Pam Hovel

In her Echoes – Organic Forms in Felt exhibition, Hovel echoes the beauty of the natural world in 3D forms in felt. Coaxing and moulding wool fibre into the abstract forms of hidden, inconspicuous forms in nature, Hovel explores the possibilities of three-dimensional and relief techniques.

Natural-coloured wool fibre is used to create underwater creatures, pods, wall art and vessels. The colours sit well with felt, one of the most natural of materials.

Visitors will be drawn in by the imagination of the artist. Objects appear, on first sight, to be ceramic. Closer inspection reveals the warmth and vitality of wool felt.

Hovel says that her deep connection to the natural world inspires the abstract interpretations achieved in her work.

“I am intrigued by the bountiful beauty in nature, the tiny details as well as the large,” she explains. “The textures, the colours and forms stimulate and challenge me to represent these in a variety of structures in felt.”

The artist works with the limitedpalette of natural coloured wool and other renewable materials to create her amazingly lifelike organic forms and vessels.


26 Nov 2018 - 22 Dec 2018


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