Dreaming: Tracey Deep

Dreaming: Tracey Deep

Tracey Deep: Dreaming.

Tracey Deep’s ‘Dreaming,’ exhibition clearly shows her interest in the ephemeral and the fragile in nature. However, her new work incorporates a new complexity, one of repetition and cross-currents. This is represented in her application of warp and weft weaving to wire or vine frames. Tracey skillfully twines twigs, dried vines, cotton and lace.

Tracey says that her art practice spawned from floral art & has developed into the realm of environmental art, sculpture & installations.

Her passion is working with industrial, organic, discarded, pre-loved & discontinued material, to create sustainable art.

‘I revel in the natural world. My works reflect a poetic play of light & shade, earth textures & sensual forms, inspired by the essence of nature’ continues Tracey.

This Dreaming exhibition will be opened from 6-8pm on Thursday, 31 January  until 17 February December 2013.



31 Jan 2013 - 17 Feb 2013


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