By Alysn Midlow Marden

Cotton, acrylic felt, chiffon, metal coffee capsules, aluminium wire, latex, enamel spray paint, fabric stiffener, threads.

100cm x 100cm

Why El Anatsui?

Oh my god – just take a look at his artworks! They are highly impactful, daring, understandable, overwhelming, inviting, exciting … Having used metal as a textile to stitch into in my own work and having a yen for burning whatever I can, I was simply in awe when I learned about El Anatsui’s works. I’ve only had the privilege to see a couple in the flesh, so thank goodness for the internet! Maybe he wouldn’t consider himself a textile artist, but he does call his large hangings ‘cloths,’ so I propose for the purposes of this exhibition that we can allow him to have the description of textile artist.  

About the Artist

Alysn continues the development of her long-standing fascination with semi-abstract expressionism, portraying emotional energies through a visual medium. Her work aims to be both personal and universal, speaking to the subconscious mind. Alysn draws on thoughts about transformation and change, the mystery and potentiality of the hidden and unseen. Inspiration is often drawn from the ever-changing natural world, including figures, plants, landscape and geology in addition to our internal world. A strong clarity of form is aimed for, and an honouring of the impact of the instrument, techniques or material used to make the mark, perhaps drawing on the sensibilities of the Arts and Crafts movement. Alysn is also regularly seduced by the possibilities which unusual materials and formats bring to textile art including (but by no means confined to) wire, metal and metal cloths. By deliberately exploiting the boundaries of materials, new dimensions of design and textiles can be revealed. Alysn has a long-established practice through work for exhibitions, teaching and writing. 


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