Travelled Exhibition: Joint exhibition Anne Kelly and The Wednesday Makers Group

Travelled Exhibition: Joint exhibition Anne Kelly and The Wednesday Makers Group

‘Travelled’ exhibition – Anne Kelly at Timeless Textiles Gallery

Connecting themes of travel and migration taken from her most recent book ‘Textile Travels’, UK based artist, author and tutor Anne Kelly seeks to represent fragments of her practice in this new exhibition. As well as previously unseen pieces, Anne will repurpose archive work and elements of her solo exhibition from the Ruthin Craft Centre ‘Well Travelled’ in 2021. There will also be a community collaboration based on the theme of walking.

Anne Kelly – short biography

‘Anne Kelly makes work that draws on many aspects of her life. She layers, patches, embroiders and stitches stories. Her work is complex in method but her finished pieces have clarity and are delivered in an accomplished yet accessible aesthetic.‘

Jane Audas, writer and curator

Anne is an award winning textile artist, author and tutor based in the UK, exhibiting and teaching internationally. Her four books for Batsford represent her project and collaborative work, dealing with themes of nature, folk art, travel and migration. Anne’s heavily embroidered fabric collages are reminiscent of tapestry work and her signature stitching technique is applied to a variety of surfaces. She uses mixed media and print to further embellish her work. Anne ‘s work is represented in private and public collections in the UK and abroad. She is listed in the Crafts Council Directory.

Her fourth book for Batsford ‘Textile Travels’ was published in 2020. Her solo exhibition at the Ruthin Craft Centre from May to July 2021 ‘Well Travelled’ was conceived to accompany its launch, covering many of the same themes. Anne is a member of the Embroiderers Guild UK, the Society for Embroidered Work (SEW) and the European Textile Network

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12 Jul 2022 - 02 Aug 2022


10:00 am - 4:00 pm