Travelled: Anne Kelly and Wednesday Maker’s group

Travelled: Anne Kelly and Wednesday Maker’s group

Travel theme for collaborative exhibition

 Fuel your thirst for travel and adventure at a new exhibition by UK-based artist Anne Kelly and a group of Newcastle textile artists opening at Newcastle’s Timeless Textiles Gallery in late June.

Kelly connects the themes of travel and migration in the Travelledexhibition. As well as previously unseen pieces, it will include work from her 2021 solo exhibition at the Ruthin Craft Centre, entitled Well Travelled.

Kelly, an accomplished artist, author and tutor, draws for this exhibition on her recently published book, Textile Travels

The Timeless Textiles Gallery Wednesday Makers Group will collaborate on the Travelled exhibition, showing works based on the theme of travelling. The group are excited to have been invited by Kelly to exhibit their small textile artworks. All of their postcard-sized artworks focus on portraits.

The group members drew for inspiration on past travels, as they yearn for the days when they travelled freely and extensively. They have distilled a special memory – a moment, place or time – into a portrait. Many have used treasured photographs. Others have stitched portraits of interesting people they have encountered, fellow travellers, friends and family. There are even some self- portraits. Some of the works have included mementoes in the form of fabric swatches, souvenirs, words, symbols or motifs using a variety of textile surface decoration techniques and stitches.

  These postcard portraits are reminders of happy times, shared with others. The joy in creating and exhibiting them is in remembering and recreating good memories of holidays and travelling.

Travelled is open at Timeless Textiles gallery between June 29 and August 7, 2022. The opening night is Thursday, June 30.


28 Jun 2022 - 07 Aug 2022


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Timeless Textiles Gallery


Timeless Textiles Gallery
90 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW, Australia