“This boots are made for walking “ with Natalya Brashovetskaya

Course Overview

Natalya has prepared a completely new 4 day course during which students will receive a complete skill technique.

Natalya has prepared a completely new 4 day course during which students will receive a complete skill technique. For this workshop, she developed a program, which will include universal pattern building. I will share my knowledge and ideas with participants. This pattern should help to create different kinds of boots (shoes), including boots with and without heels.

Teacher Profile


Feltmaking for me is not just a hobby it is a life style, which helps me to control my stress level due to extremely tense work I do and connect with many talented feltmakers around the World. It lets me to express myself  and fly my creativity, creating not just beautiful but functional footwear. I also like to create matching items, such as footwear, bags and scarves.

Wool and feltmaking became a major part of my life. My world of wool has no limits for me and my creativity, just unfortunately, there is limit in time. I can confidently say that I am experienced and highly skilled craftsman, feltmaker and a shoemaker. Quality is a major and first priority for me. Felted shoes must be very durable. This is not an easy process, often no one believes that my shoes are handmade.

I have also been searching a long time how to create comfortable shoes. After numerous experiments, I found this method, which I also teach during my master classes.

Amongst all feltmaking articles I have been designing and creating, felted bags and especially boots became my passion and  became a priority amongst other felted items which I am able to do very well. When I started felting, my goal was to create not just beautiful shoes but functional and durable. For this purpose, I developed my own technique. It is a balance of classic shoemaker craftsmanship and felting. With my technique, you will be able to perform all the steps of creating shoe without involving a shoemaker, achieving orthopaedic shoes.


I also have been designing and created felted clothes, bags, shawls and scarves using various felting techniques during self-learning and learned while undertaking few master classes learning from the best well known feltmakers and designers.

Materials List


  1. Materials can be provide by Natalya:


1.Plastic shoe last ( if you would like to buy)



4.Leather lining

5.Eyelets 40 pieces ( 5mm)

6.waxed thread


8.Heel box


Additional material kit ($140) payable tothe artist for various items needed to make shoes, including your own size shoe last.


to be provided by students:

  1. PVC Noodles mat (not very big 90 / 50cm)

–  it will be good to have it

2 .Bamboo mat (size 50/90 cm)


– Boots and bag 1.300-1.500gr

– shoes 400gr

– Shoes and bag 1000gr

– boots 700-900gr

– Bag 600gr


5.Olive Soap( 100-120 gr)


http://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/2015-Disposable-Gloves-one-time-use-Plastic-Gloves-for-Food-Beauty-Medical-Hotel-Home-Cleaning-gloves/32423321956.html?spm=2114.12010208.100005.4.GmBBCM )please open link

7.Rubber band (5mm wild)


9.Paper for drawing A 1

10.Brush for glue

11.Pencilswatercolor, tailor’s chalk

12.mosquito net

13.Water sprayer

14.Box- Knife

http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2015-newest-snap-off-cutter-knife_731076585.html )

15.Scissors big

16.Needles big

17.Tape centimeter


19.strong and colors treads.

19.wood Washboards , felting rollers ( any tools students use for felting )



http://www.ebay.com/itm/Leather-Paper-Overstitch-Sewing-Punch-Handle-Needle-Wheel-Awl-Craft-Boring-Tool/121271126327?var=&hash=item1c3c528937:m:mXW2C58gIoFyvezqNwCxQxQ )please open link


Additional material kit ($140) payable tothe artist for various items needed to make shoes, including your own size shoe last.

Workshop Terms

While our fibre art workshops are usually held in the gallery's historically significant workshop space, the workshop venue may change according to the needs and wishes of the artist tutor. Likewise, the times of the workshops may vary depending on the type of workshop and its presentation.

Timeless Textiles Gallery will, at its own discretion, where a participant is unable to attend a fibre art workshop, an exchange or credit note will be made available or a refund of the  deposit or payment in accordance with the following Workshop Refund Policy.

Major commitments must be met, and in fairness to all, the policy concerning the refund is:
Cancellations 3 months prior to workshop date - refund 80% fees paid
Cancellations 2 months prior to workshop date- refund 50% fees paid.
Cancellations 1 month prior to workshop date- no refund.

Timeless Textiles Gallery


Timeless Textiles Gallery
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04 May 2019 - 07 May 2019


09:30 AM - 04:30 PM





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