Tactile Weft Felt with Sachiko Kotaka

Course Overview

Sachiko has been exploring her “weft (woven)” felt techniques since 2011 when she first created this technique

She has taught this unique weaving including  weaving with various shaped felt strips (some of them can have projections), the “double lattice” and the “L” shape weaves and more

In this 2 day fibre art workshop, Sachiko will continue to explore and expand this technique with you in a fun and playful way – imagine what you can create.

Teacher Profile

Sachiko creates surface-multiplicity through folding, appliqueing, needle felting, as well as hand stitching.

“I am continually discovering new magic in felt-making, which allows me to take my visions into a wearable dimension,” she said. “I’ve been creating felts that are strongly tactile and three-dimenional since 1995.”

“The hand stitchings are not only a valuable addition to the complexity of these felts but they can enrich and enhance surface tactility,” she explains. “Sashiko stitchings are an innovation incorporated into my current works, as is nuno-felting, which also creates amazingly textured surfaces.”



Materials List

Materials List for “Weft (woven) Felt with Sachiko Kotaka” 2 Day Workshop

In this 2 day workshop, you will learn my unique weft techniques through making sample pieces with coloured papers (I will provide in the class) as well as-felts (and/or pre-nuno- felts). You may prefer to learn your choice of the techniques which I will have shown by combining them to make a wearable piece instead of just making samples.

☺ Please contact me if you have questions about the materials.


Some of the techniques will need a largish pre-felt or pre-nuno-felt (e.g. approx. 50 x 60 cm) so it will be good to bring at least a couple of largish ones if possible.
☺If you will make a felt or nuno-felt wearable piece:
You may like to bring a scarf size pre-felt or pre-nuno-felt. Or, you will join some smaller pieces by your choice of weavings.


  • –  If you don’t have largish pre-felts (or pre-nuno-felts) or a scarf size one, your oldfelts and/or nuno-felts (e.g. scarf, shawl), can be used so please bring them if you

    have any.

  • –  Commercial pre-felts will be ok – as long as not too thin and even thickness.
  • –  It is good to have more than 2 colours of pre-felts (and/or pre-nuno-felts). (Pleaseread a note of “If you make some pre-felts and/or pre-nuno-felts at home:”)

    Any sizes or shapes of thin or thinnish pre-felts and/or pre-nuno-felts – including off-cut pieces if you have any
    Laces (any length, narrowish ones) may be fun to use if you have any


* If you make some pre-felts and/or pre-nuno-felts at home:


Place 2 thin or thinnish layers of merino wool. For making pre-nuno-felt, place easy-to-feltthin fabric (e.g. tissue silk) on top of the laid wool – or vice versa if works better.

– Good to make least a couple of the size approx 50 cm x 60 cm (or a scarf size) for bases

– The shrinkage is approx. 20% or more.

  •  Note: It is good to use contrasting or harmonious colour of the first layer for the
  •  second layer because the other side’s colour will show on the cut edges and
  •  you have a choice for using either side of the pre-felts.☺ Please bring following materials if you will make pre-felts / pre-nuno felts in the class. And those who will bring pre-felts, bring some just in case making more in the class.
    Coordinated colours of merino wool (approx. 250 g)

    Some of easy-to-felt thin fabrics if you make pre-nuno-felts – or use the small pieces as a surface decoration of pre-felts
    Small amount of fibres (e.g. silk, flax) only if you want to use


    ☺ Bring the equipment you usually use for feltmaking – and items which have underlines.Felting mat (don’t need large one) – and rolling stick and ties if you use
    Nylon netting – the approx. size of your felting mat
    Ball Brauser or sponge for wetting fibres

    Plastic container for soapy water
    Felting liquid soap (or detergent) and a cake of (pure) soap
    A couple of old bath towels for soaking up water
    A couple of plastic grocery bags for carrying wet things
    Sharp fabric scissors
    (important) Small pointy tip scissors for cut into pre-felts
    (important) Sewing pins, needle and threads for tacking (or sewing) pre-felts
    (important) Small point permanent marker pen for marking on the clear plastic resists

    Measuring tape
    Pen and paper for memos, and drawing your (and other’s) ideas and designs

Workshop Terms

While our fibre art workshops are usually held in the gallery's historically significant workshop space, the workshop venue may change according to the needs and wishes of the artist tutor. Likewise, the times of the workshops may vary depending on the type of workshop and its presentation.

Timeless Textiles Gallery will, at its own discretion, where a participant is unable to attend a fibre art workshop, an exchange or credit note will be made available or a refund of the  deposit or payment in accordance with the following Workshop Refund Policy.

Major commitments must be met, and in fairness to all, the policy concerning the refund is:
Cancellations 3 months prior to workshop date - refund 80% fees paid
Cancellations 2 months prior to workshop date- refund 50% fees paid.
Cancellations 1 month prior to workshop date- no refund.


22 - 23 Feb 2020


9:30 am - 4:30 pm