Broken and Repaired: group exhibition

This exhibition explores how we mend fragility – with much around us being fragile – objects, half-finished artwork; relationships that needed to be mended and repaired.

In the process of repair, we can move into the future.

These objects / artworks shown in this exhibition hint at the concept of time – that sometimes the timing is right to repair and mend, renewing and strengthening the memories that may have been shared. These objects:unfinished artworks have been left; stored in boxes; cupboards and not retrieved and loved. The reasons may be many – painful memories?   unsure of how to repair?  the work of someone much loved.

Each broken / unfinished object that has been found by the participating artists, sometimes hidden away in life’s clutter, holds the promise of renewal and hope? Resolution?  This implies that each of these pieces has held some importance – and intentionally not discarded.

Mending/ repairing can be seen as an enchantment that restores the original durability of that object, using many experiences and techniques. It is the hours of thoughtful consideration, evoking memories and preserving the integrity of the original object.

Broken and Repaired exhibition invites artists to recognize that in restoring what was once broken, we also recover a part of ourselves and reaffirm our connection with the past and its memories.

This exhibition challenges us on different levels, beyond the materiality of the pieces presented: When should we recompose communal life? What are we willing to sacrifice to repair our relationship with others?

How can we live with our scars? Can we move forward?


06 Aug 2025 - 14 Sep 2025


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Timeless Textiles Gallery


Timeless Textiles Gallery
90 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW, Australia