Momentum: Dionne Swift

Momentum: Dionne Swift

International artist’s mastery on show

Renowned international textile artist, Dionne Swift, demonstrates her mastery in Momentum, a new exhibition on show at Newcastle’s Timeless Textiles Gallery in September.

Momentum comprises stitched and painted textile artworks inspired by the artist’s travels and celebrating her 50thyear. Many of the works originated as drawn responses to Swift’s travels through Europe and Morocco.

“I draw with haste and energy aiming to capture a moment in time, the atmosphere I experience, the light and quality of air that I acknowledge,” she explains. “The vitality in the process of drawing fills me with energy and excitement.”

This energy is heightened when Swift’s drawn marks are elevated by stitching. Texture, changing weights of thread, colour mixes, varied movement of stitches, and composition of the thread, all add to the life and enhance the viewer’s interaction with the work.

Momentum also features work from 50at50, a body of work celebrating Swift’s 50thyear.

“I have created a stitched response to 50 recent drawings or situations. This process took me on a thrilling and unexpected creative journey,” she said.

Formerly known for her use of a mostly monochrome palette, with considered, almost calculated, placement of colour, this work has seen Swift turn to a riot of colour. The works also display more energy on the stitch and the development of a narrative through the artist’s work.

Figures have also been introduced into her creative dialogue. They offer stories, through their activities and scenarios. Their situations feel alive and vibrant.

“I would often draw a scene and stitch it the same day,” she said. “My daily mood is reflected in the quality of the stitches and my colour and tonal choices. This work captures the ebbs, flows and inflections of my day and put them on display.”

Swift charted creation of 50at50 body of work via social media, finding the last was the most difficult one to complete.

“I was bereft when the stitching was over,” she said. “I have left the story open, the exploration along that path continues.”

Swift created a beautiful collection of hand-painted, fine wool scarves as a release from the intensity of her work. She used their creation to use her observational drawing in an alternative direction. These pieces are always incredibly popular. Last year actress Emma Thompson bought two.

Momentum is showing between Sept 4 -29thwith the opening on Sept 20thbetween 6-8pm. Come and meet Dionne.



04 - 29 Sep 2019


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