ESCAPE An Odyssey Into Stitch, Creativity and Mindfulness Cathy Jack Coupland

An Odyssey Into Stitch, Creativity and Mindfulness: Cathy Jack Coupland

 Escape is the essence of freedom and celebration of traditional structures let loose in a sea of creativity allowing the hands and mind to develop untravelled pathways and trails offering new insights into stitch technique and design.

Escape is also a sense of awareness of a precious moment.

 Stitch is the spirit of moments captured in time and multiplied over and over again throughout history, forever building and moving forward to invent and regenerate.

With a loose theme of Coral and Coral Bleaching events, Cathy Jack Coupland explores the teeming metropolis that is our underwater world, full of contrasts, energy and life.

Simple, traditional embroidery techniques continue to offer scope for innovation and transformation, forever growing and changing – just like coral, building on each other to create a world of wonder formed by a simple needle and thread.

This is storytelling through escape.



23 Oct 2024 - 24 Nov 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm