Enclothed in ecology: Gina Mastio

Enclothed in ecology: Gina Mastio

Enclothed in ecology’ – a new exhibition with Gina Mastio

Textile artist Gina Mastio celebrates her connection to nature in a new exhibition of ecologically sustainable wearable art – Enclothed in Ecology – that will open at Islington gallery Timeless Textiles in August.

“I consider the chemicals, the season, the country of origin,” she said. “I also consider what I wear and the chemicals that I absorb through my skin whilst I wear it. I think of the chemicals, water and energy required for the cultivation of the fibre, the processing and creation of the fabric, the dyeing and the creation of the article of clothing. I consider if it is biodegradable or will stay in a landfill for hundreds of years and the waste from these processes.”

She brings this careful consideration into the creation of her pieces of clothing by considering and questioning where the fabrics and fibres are from and how they have been produced. Gina takes care during production to reduce and reuse any waste products, with the final wastes going into her garden.

“I design the pieces expressing a celebration, a respect, a love of the vulnerable environment surrounding us. I sculpt my pieces by combining natural fibres with vegetable soap and water, by hand using nuno felting techniques and sometimes stitch. I create my colours using plants around me, which I find in the walks around my home environment with my dog and my children, or from my garden, my kitchen and those of my friends.”

Gina dyes her creations using plants, water, heat and rusty bits of metal as she contemplates her environment.

“I feel harmony and happiness as I create and wear these unique pieces of wearable art clothing. I see them as a blessing, a celebration of being alive, a conscious appreciation of being a small part of this greater nature surrounding and embracing us.”

The exhibition, Enclothed in Ecologywill be launched at a Timeless Textiles opening, to be held from 6pm- 8pm on Thursday 15 August 2013, where Gina’s work will be brought to life in a fashion parade.



15 Aug 2013 - 15 Sep 2013


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