Diversity: Twenty Ten

Diversity: Twenty Ten

Twenty Ten.

Twenty Ten was formed by a group of eight women who share a passion for textile and fibre art.  Each artist employs a range of techniques, including surface stitchery, canvas work, gold work, quilting, machine embroidery, felting, dyeing, mixed media and photography.  Our backgrounds and interests are wide ranging as we challenge ourselves and encourage each other to express our creativity through the medium of textile art.

Three years ago, we decided to form a group to focus specifically on increasing our commitment to stitching and textile art.   Since then, the group has met regularly to share progress on our individual works, attend exhibitions and at times, to explore techniques together under the guidance of one or more of the members. In this way, we have explored dyeing techniques using organic materials, read widely and enjoyed the work of different designers and artists we may not have been familiar with.  We have also spurred each other on with a “Challenge” piece, where we had to find a way to incorporate an unusual piece of corrugated cardboard into a design.

We have discovered the benefits of working co-operatively and listening to each other.  We have developed an appreciation for the way others work, and been able to incorporate new approaches in our textile practice. The exhibition “Diversity”, presents the work of eight quite different textile artists.


18 Jul 2013 - 11 Aug 2013


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