Echoes of Childhood: Varelle Hardy & Marilyn O’Brien

Echoes of Childhood: Varelle Hardy & Marilyn O’Brien

Artists recreate ‘Echoes of Childhood’ in exhibition

Two textile artists responded to childhood memories to create the ‘Echoes of Childhood’ fibre art exhibition, which opens at Newcastle’s Timeless Textiles Gallery in January 2019.

Varelle Hardy works in textiles, creating collages that contain stitch, paper, fabric paint and dyes. She has no siblings but remembers one of her cousins as a great playmate. Hardy reflected on his teasing and the fun times they had together to create a collage. Small paper overalls are surrounded by images of his toys.

Hardy enjoyed working with fellow textile artist Marilyn O’Brien on the exhibition.

“It was mainly a positive process remembering my childhood,” she said. “In our talks, Marilyn and I reinforced and prompted each other’s memories.”

O’Brien’s pieces are inspired by close childhood connections to my mother, grandmother and sisters. Her returning memories featured memorabilia, including a doll, a bear and a pram. Her memories are captured through printmaking, eco-dyeing and stitching on textiles. The process has enriched and revitalised O’Brien’s sense of self and purpose.

“Making art brings on a meditative state that enables me to express myself from the heart,” she said. “I aim to be surprised by the images born from this quiet internal space. They help me to go beyond the unconscious and find deeper connection, meaning and purpose.”

“I want to inspire the viewer to revisit their childhood dreams, reframe them if necessary, and retell their story,” O’Brien explains.

The ‘Echoes of Childhood’ exhibition represents the first time these two artists have shown together. It runs from 16 January to 10 February 2019, with the official opening from 6pm on 17 January.



14 Jan 2019 - 10 Feb 2019


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