Coastal Colours: Lois Parish Evans

Coastal Colours: Lois Parish Evans

Coastal Colours…an exhibition by Lois Parish-Evans.

In Coastal Colours, a new exhibition opening at Timeless Textiles, artist Lois Parish-Evans explores the landscapes and creatures of the Australian coastline, taking a broad look at what is on the surface, beneath and in the micro-world of the coast.

Parish-Evans, who has a degree in Visual Arts, a postgraduate diploma in art education and a Master’s in art therapy, has spent most of her life exploring the coastlines of the countries she has lived in.

“For these works, I was able to draw on memories of colours, shapes, patterns, line and texture,” she explains, “on my memories of snorkeling as a child on the coral reefs of Papua New Guinea, of brief or extended visits to my hometown in coastal NZ and of my three decades of living on the coast of Newcastle.”

During a recent visit to Seahorse World in Northern Tasmania, Parish-Evans became captivated by the creatures. Their ability to change colour to suit the environment inspired her to create artworks incorporating them.

“While drawing on memories, I also use photographs and drawings to translate the colours, shapes, lines and texture that I ‘see’ – my personal visual language – into thread paintings, hand-coloured art quilts and contemporary lace. My eye is constantly searching for, being drawn to these design elements in the organic landscape.”

Parish-Evans seeks inspiration in the images that she is drawn to and brings that back to her studio and her artwork. Sometimes it is the colour, sometimes the shapes, sometimes the line, sometimes the texture and sometimes a combination. Her stitched artwork is executed by free machining on fabric (i.e. not computerised). She is able to ‘draw’ with the sewing machine, using thread to give voice to her visual language. Using a simple technique, the artist ‘draws lines’ one stitch at a time.

“That stich becomes two, then three and gradually I am building up the image to give voice to the colours, texture, line, shape. It is many years of drawing with my sewing machine that has helped me to develop my own personal style,” she said.

The exhibition, Coastal Colourswill be launched at a Timeless Textiles opening, to be held from 6pm- 8pm on Thursday 19 September 2013, and runs until13 October 2013.


19 Sep 2013 - 13 Oct 2013


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