Bark Textures 1-1

Bark Textures with Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

Course Overview

Who hasn’t spent time noticing the range of forms, patterns, colours and textures found in the bark of different species of trees, making sketches or taking photographs as a reminder?

The irresistibly tactile nature of bark is here explored and refined. We separate the lines and patterns from the texture, the better to appreciate them both. These textures and forms are further exaggerated when the light is lower either in the morning,

the moonlight or the winter and the colours are reduced to a monochrome.

Create a panel from woven metal cloth, reflective surface of metal shim and the subtle sheen of silk and iridescent paint.

Involves use of sewing machine and gas flame.


Teacher Profile

I have been working as a textile artist for over 20 years and have authored four books and many articles; I offer a breadth of teaching and mentoring experience in the field of mixed media, fibre art, textiles and embroidery.

I enjoy in working with many varied media, enjoying incorporating unusual materials into my textiles.

I create work which is imbued with personal references. The pieces are rarely representational, but whatever their form I am looking for an emotive response from the viewer. My aim is to be at once personal, disconcerting and fascinating.


Materials List


Material list 

The irresistibly tactile nature of bark is explored and refined. We separate the lines and patterns from the texture, the better to appreciate them both and create a panel from woven metal cloth, reflective surface of metal shim and the subtle sheen of silk and iridescent paint.



Sewing machine, preferably suitable for free motion machine embroidery.

Hand sewing requisites.

(*) Stencil brush or toothbrush.

Paper A3, 2 or 3 sheets

Biro Pen

Pencil/s and /or drawing pen

(*) Images of bark

Masking Tape.



Plain coloured silk dupion or other plain, smooth fabric, preferably with a soft sheen. Approx. 50 cm sq. maximum.  The exact amount depends on the mounting you use to present your finished piece, you will need sufficient to accommodate this. Choose the colour to suit your threads, threads and paints.

Mediumweight interfacing the same size as the silk fabric.

Heavy weight soluble fabric approx. 25 -45cm sq.



(*)Iridescent Markal paintsticks or metallic/pearlescent/interference acrylic paints to suit your colour scheme.

Alcohol Inks and applicators if you have them.



Neutral coloured beading thread or machine embroidery rayon to blend with your colours.

Standard Sewing machine sewing threads in at least 3 colours to suit your colours, plain and/or variegated. (Such as Guttermann, Sylko, Coates, King Tut etc)



(*)Metal shim: Pewter or Aluminium or Copper. 15cm x 4.5cm approx. (Max. A4)

(*)Metal fabric: Stainless steel/copper/brass/bronze. Approx. 2 x A4 pc.

(*)Knitted wire 0.1mm wire, approx. 20cm (optional)



Selection of beads, suggestions include bugles, 2-3mm sequins, roccailles, square purl etc.

If you have any other beads made from tyvek, lutradur or paper which suit your colours, bring these also.


(*) denotes materials available to borrow or buy on the day.

If you would like to be supplied with the metal and metal mesh, this will cost $40.00.


Workshop Terms

While our fibre art workshops are usually held in the gallery's historically significant workshop space, the workshop venue may change according to the needs and wishes of the artist tutor. Likewise, the times of the workshops may vary depending on the type of workshop and its presentation.

Timeless Textiles Gallery will, at its own discretion, where a participant is unable to attend a fibre art workshop, an exchange or credit note will be made available or a refund of the  deposit or payment in accordance with the following Workshop Refund Policy.

Major commitments must be met, and in fairness to all, the policy concerning the refund is:
Cancellations 3 months prior to workshop date - refund 80% fees paid
Cancellations 2 months prior to workshop date- refund 50% fees paid.
Cancellations 1 month prior to workshop date- no refund.


18 - 20 Jun 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm