Gondwana Encaustic Stitched, Susan Fell McLean

Susan Fell McLean

Artist Statement

I am intrigued by resists and palimpsests in the  process  of transforming  textiles. The challenge of the traditional ways in which textile art is perceived and represented is the creative journey for me.  This journey, over the last few years, has a constant companion … Italo Calvino. I am inspired by his writings.

When Calvino spoke of ‘Multiplicity’, in ”Six Memos for the Next Millennium”, he was referring to the “exhilarating infinitude of possibilities open to humankind” particularly writers.

My work in this exhibition  references concepts and places that inspire me, as well as textile techniques. The infinitude of possibilities is indeed exhilarating. Calvino’s writings are my conceptual framework.

I find beauty in Batik and Rozome and Katzome, Shibori, Feltmaking.  Stitch as a drawing tool, constantly amazes me. I am passionate about colour – particularly from eucalyptus dyes and indigo. ‘Multiplicity, Resists and Palimpsests’, is an inventory of amazing textile techniques that reveal new surprises to me each day.

“Every life is an encyclopaedia, a library, an inventory, a series of styles, and everything can be constantly shuffled and recorded in every conceivable fashion” Calvino stated in ”Six Memos for the Next Millennium”. Artists and writers must “set themselves immeasurable goals, far beyond all hope of achievement”.