Kristin Vournelis

Artist Statement

As a designer I explore different ways of forming and manipulating textiles as a means of understanding the world around me and my place within it.

I am fascinated by the creative process, and how it can be used to examine and explore the indelible mark left on us as individuals by life and our unique experience of it.

My work is informed by personal contemplations on what is hidden, what is revealed, the public, versus private self, the idea of ‘me’, the things we hide and what we choose to show to the world.

My style has evolved from an exploration of things that fascinate me as well as the restrictions that impact on my work. Hence the evolution of a design and making practice that allows me to work on a small scale, creating individually crafted units that then come together to create a greater whole.

My current range HEIRLOOM is an attempt to return to a slower, more accountable, more meaningful form of personal adornment.  It is inspired by the personal message inherent in the mark of the maker that can be seen in traditional hand-made quilts and the connectedness we feel towards passed-on family treasures. It also explores my fascination with Victorian mourning jewellery.  Each piece of my work is literally imbedded with a unique and enduring mark, using both every-day objects and treasures from my life. My hope is that the wearer will wear it their own way, making it their own personal heirloom and an expression of their own unique style.


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