Jess Forster

Jess Forster

Artist Statement


My current body of work is an experimental inquiry into my relationship with the natural environment. I feel a deep affinity with the bush, waterways and land formations that surround where I live, and where I grew up. Currently, I am exploring the contrast between our instinctual ‘nesting’ and ‘nomadic’ notions as humans. The magnetising pull of place and home, versus an overwhelming curiosity to journey.

My felt artworks and sculptures are observations of the cyclic, miniscule processes in our world. I observe – a tiny seedling poking through the earth, ant highways, dripping sap, opening seed-pods, bark of ancient gums and the organic patterns of silt drying on the edges of billabongs. I like to imagine these tiny happenings out of their context – under a microscope, from the air, or if I was nestled inside.

Current works feature locally collected fibres, native seeds and earth pigments. These are embedded and dyed into topographic landscapes, hollowed felt nests, and three-dimensional limbs. Some pieces have been left outside at various locations where I feel a sense of place. This has allowed natural weathering, colouring and the germination of seeds. The forms have become a conceptual mapping-tool. They are physical representations of my location, and emotional constructs of place and ‘home’.


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