Expanding the Possibilities, Glenys Mann

Glenys Mann

Artist Statement

For more than 2 years there has been a dearth of artistic endeavours from the studio of Glenys Mann.

To get back into the realm of creativity, she has embarked on seeing what comes from “expanding the possibles”… or…. making tiny works.

Finding small canvases, 10cm x 6cm, she started to collect small objects that really had no possibility of becoming anything, to then be assembled onto the face of the canvases.

A leather bound journal, containing information and reports about the properties of alloys, metal and other stuff, with exquisite pen and ink handwriting, came into her possession.

Glenys started her works with sections cut from the journal pages that had absolutely no context to anything after it had been removed from its original page…. but place it near one of the found objects and it becomes another whole narrative of its own!

The viewer is tempted to come closer to the work to read and see if there is any relevance at all to the words, sometimes it is a bit vague, sometimes it is a bit funny, other times it is up to the viewer to make up his/her own mind to what it all means.

In the end…it really does not mean anything! It may make you laugh, it may make you scratch your head and think that the artist has completely gone mad…but what really makes this exhibition, is the fact that Glenys Mann has not lost her touch in making art that makes you look closer, think harder and to have a smile on your face as you leave the gallery.


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