Wabi Sabi 3, Eira Chidgey
Eira Chidgey

Eira Chidgey

Artist Statement

Born and raised in England, I studied Contemporary Applied Arts at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, where I graduated with first class honors.

I am fascinated by the effect of the passing of time, and try to celebrate the beauty of the imperfect and the everyday; In this collection of work, traditional textile processes and stitch are manipulated and combined with other materials such as paint, paper and salvaged materials to create mixed media explorations.

I have a strong interest in the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi, so damaged and recycled materials feature prominently in this exhibition. I champion authenticity, and work instinctively to encourage accidental and spontaneous results, which create un-contrived and honest compositions. I often deconstruct and reassemble previous work into new pieces – transient like the passage of time; a reminder that we are all temporary beings on this planet, that our bodies as well as the material world around us, are part of nature’s cycle of growth, decay and erosion. I find constant beauty and glory in these marks of age, and celebrate frayed edges, rust, stains, tears and cracks, in art and in life.

My husband and I moved to Australia 5 years ago, and settled in Newcastle in February 2014, shortly before the birth of our first child. Our travels, adventures and environment provide evolving and continuous inspiration.