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Amanda Charge

Artist Statement

Much of my work is inspired by my natural surroundings, the landscape of my home. Since early childhood in Tasmania, I have been strongly influenced by the coastline and nature that exists at our back yard. I grew up scouring the sea-front on the family property searching for natural objects and debris, this desire to collect and admire found objects has continued and now greatly influences my art practice.


Exploring, both silver smithing and mixed media, my work follows natural lines suggested by the object. The process of creating doesn’t start in the studio, it begins when the item can be felt… the texture, the grain, the shape, the weight.


 My paper and ink works are delicate and peaceful. There is a sense of a journey when creating, it’s a quiet process, floating pigment ink, soft textural papers, woven threads… I hope people gain the same sense of tranquillity when they view my art.


I have a huge amount of respect for the materials I use – Japanese washi paper, traditional pigment inks and textiles. Through mark making, textured materials and investigating the movement of ink a narrative of a time and place is created.


A continuation of responding to organic shapes is found in my silver jewellery, by exploring traditional techniques and pushing the boundaries, my art jewellery continues to tell a story. I love collecting everyday treasures that we might step over and ignore, combining them with silver and highlighting the natural beauty … driftwood, pebbles, silk ribbon, thread are a few of my favourites.